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Investment Management


We create and manage “All-Weather” Portfolios that blend growth and income in a manner that is designed to help manage risk while pursuing our investor’s long-term goals.

Our Portfolios are custom designed for your serious money. The money you don’t want to lose.

Investment Selection

Our investment selection process focuses on three of the most important determinants of successful equity investing:

  1. Valuation – The price paid
  2. Fundamentals – The underlying financial strengths
  3. Momentum – The direction, positive or negative, of current business conditions

Only investments that exhibit all three of these characteristics are considered for our investors Portfolios. These “laws of gravity” guide all of our investment decisions allowing us to manage your portfolio with confidence.

Risk Management

Market Emotions are powerful and can cloud judgment and decision making.

Our risk management process keeps a close eye on the emotional climate of the markets. When we believe we are at the stage of the emotional cycle where most investors are feeling “thrilled or euphoric,” we look to reduce the risk levels in our Portfolios.

When we experience that most investors appear to be feeling “panicked or despondent,” we look to carefully increase our risk exposure.

We believe that this disciplined approach to investment selection and risk management can help smooth out the ride for our investors, and can improve returns over time.

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